Project: OCV - Ontal Client Side Form Validation Framework

Version 0.78 released

The latest OCV v0.78 release can be downloaded here. Check out demos and code samples here and the complete user guide. Some bugs were fixed and a few additional validations were added (see the complete changes list).

Specs & Features:


The main reasons we began to work on this framework were some unsatisfaction with popular client side validation plugins/frameworks and their downsides such as: low cross browser compatibility, overall slowness, sometimes too complicated configuration aproach and certain basic limitations. So every time we ended up with tons of hand made functions that extended the original functionality which wasn't even close to the main purpose of every validation framework out there - make developer's life a bit easier.

Where lies the difference

OCV is a lightweight JavaScript framework which only extends the standard DTDs by one attribute (that with minimal changes can even be avoided). While other frameworks use AJAX which itself can be an issue in some cases this one is written in plain JavaScript using the most generic and browser-compatible apporach.

Among other planned features in near future are:

The project is distributed under GNU v3 public license.